EIA: New railway across western Funen

Environmental qualitative impact survey and assessment for an EIA report for the laying of a new railway across western Funen.


Country: Denmark

Customer: Danish Road Directorate: Planning and Environment

Period: 2014–2016


Sweco is preparing an EIA report for a new railway across western Funen for the Danish Road Directorate. As part of implementing Danish Rail's One-hour Model, a new high-speed rail will be established on the railway section west of Odense to east of Kauslunde at Middelfart. The railway section is roughly 35 km long. Sweco is responsible for the task of drawing up an EIA report for the project.

The task involves several of Sweco's core competencies. EIA reports are one of our core disciplines together with our specialisation within the environment and EIA investigations of infrastructure facilities, including upgrades, electrification and new construction of railways and road systems.

Sweco's services include the implementation of environmental surveys for a complete EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). This involves:

  • Providing project management, coordination with other consultants, liaising with authorities, financial matters and progress reports, quality assurance, etc.
  • Carrying out environmental and habitat assessments
  • Conducting field research into the flora and fauna of the affected areas
  • Compiling the requisite basic data
  • Assessing the railway line's environmental consequences
  • Setting up a noise model and assessing the noise pollution
  • Assessing consequences of any re-routing of the local road system
  • Assessing the construction and operation period
  • Assessing requisite remediation measures
  • Compiling the surveys, studies and assessments in a combined report/environmental assessment as a contribution to the overall EIA report, as well as prepare contributions for the summary report prepared by the Danish Road Directorate. In addition, technical sub-reports, including a noise report, must be submitted
  • Contributing to a capital-expenditure estimate

In addition to the assessment of the actual tracings (two proposals: a northern or southern tracing located in relation to the E20 Funen Motorway), the project involves the establishment of a new high-speed railway across western Funen, the establishment of flyovers at the beginning and end of the section, the positioning of transformer stations and electrification towers, including the possible relaying of an existing gas line and high-voltage cables – both running close to the E20 today. An assessment of habitat conditions in a possible new route for the laying of a gas line has been launched.