Traffic Safety Project: Conversion of 7 intersections and street sections

The objective stipulated in the City of Copenhagen's Traffic Safety Plan 2013–2020 is to reduce by half the number of persons killed and severely injured in traffic accidents. This project deals with traffic-safety improvements of selected intersections and street sections, which are some of the most accident-prone in the City of Copenhagen.


Customer: City of Copenhagen 

Sweco’s role: Lead consultant

Other consultants: GHB Landscape Architects 

Period: 2015–2017 

Capital expenditure: DKK 11,000,000 

Services: Conceptual proposal, Detailed traffic and accident analysis, Suggested solutions, Construction programme


The City of Copenhagen designated seven sites based on the highest frequency of accidents resulting in personal injury, and where the injured persons are mainly cyclists and pedestrians. 

Street sections:

  • Torvegade, Lundtoftegade, Jagtvej between Ågade and Nørrebrogade, Østerbrogade between Søerne and Århusgade, as well as Toftegårds Allé


  • Godthåbsvej/Hulgårdsvej and Tagensvej/Jagtvej

The task: A combined conceptual proposal illustrating the traffic and accident situation for each site is prepared, after which proposed solutions are presented.

Sweco conducts detailed traffic and accident analyses including the specification of two or three solution proposals to mitigate the risk of accidents going forward.

Solution: The reporting is done using master sheets which make it possible to compare the individual solution proposals in an easy and straightforward manner. As part of the master sheet, a draft sketch of each individual proposal is prepared.

Results: Based on the conceptual proposal, the sites where it is possible to effectively reduce the number of accidents are designated, and a construction programme is prepared for each designated site. Sweco assists the City of Copenhagen in selecting a suitable solution for the designated sites.

Signal installations: One of the selected initiatives is a large-scale conversion of the intersection Godthåbsvej/Hulgrådsvej on Ring 2 where a separate light-regulated left turn lane from Ring 2 will be established, and a number of traffic-safety-promoting initiatives will be implemented in the light-signal controls. Sweco is responsible for all light-signal design for the conversion and has also prepared a VisSim simulation for the intersection to analyse the future design.