Screening of parking options, Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg Municipality is experiencing increasing pressure on the municipality’s parking options. Sweco screened all the streets in Frederiksberg to study the options for relaying pavements and road surfaces to create more parking spaces and better parking conditions, while taking account of the areas’ aesthetics and green qualities at the same time.


Customer: Frederiksberg Municipality

Period: 2014-2015


Each section was accounted for through specifically prepared data, specifications and drawings showing new possible parking spaces. In addition, the traffic safety of the new street design was assessed and compared to traffic safety in the existing street design. 

A capital-expenditure estimate for each street section was also drawn up.

The project is documented in an outline proposal for every single street, and categorises each street’s new parking options according to the work needed to obtain them. In addition, an overview with information about all streets was prepared, including existing parking options, parking options in the new proposal, capital-expenditure budget, construction costs per new parking option, etc.

Frederiksberg Municipality can use the proposals and the overview to prioritise the individual solutions and optimise conditions on streets where the need for parking is greatest.


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