Rehabilitation of the port of Massawa Eritrea

The Port of Massawa is the main port for the northern part of Eritrea and serves the major part of the country. The port has 6 berths totalling 900 m quay with 4 to 12 m water depth and a land area of 20 ha. Sweco has provided consultancy services related to the principal components.


Client: Directorate of Maritime Transport (DMT), State of Eritrea

Period: 1995-2005 


Consultancy services related to:

  • Berth No. 6, construction of new 200 m long container quay with 12.0 m water depth
  • Repair of collapsed section of existing berth No. 5 with 8.5 m water depth and reconstruction/extension of 80 m quay
  • Renovation of existing crane rails
  • Renovation of quays and aprons at berths No. 2-5 with 7-8 m water depth.
  • Construction of 12 ha heavy duty paved areas for access, handling and storage of containers and other cargos
  • Reefer station
  • Lighting
  • Drainage and utilities
  • Dredging of 360 m turning circle with 12 m water depth
  • Breakwater
  • Water tower

The new quay is a steel sheet pile wall retained by tie rods and anchor plates and protected against corrosion by sacrificial anodes. Foundations for container crane rails is heavy concrete beams on driven rc. piles. The dredged materials were used for the reclamation of a lagoon to be a part of the storage areas. The dredging and reclamation were carried out taking all necessary environmental precautions.

The heavy-duty pavement (120,000 m2) comprises interlocking concrete blocks on cement-stabilised crushed stones. In addition repair of exsisting breakwater damaged by ship collision plus new crown wall to prevent spash on storage areas. Repair of water tower damaged during the independence war.

The project includes new fenders along 500 m quay, new moorings or repair of broken bollards. New/rehabilitation of crane rail foundations indluding power supply to old and to new rail mounted cranes. The services from the inception was provided throughout all phases of the rehabilitation of the Port of Massawa.