Exposing the Department of Public Works in Tønder Municipality to competitive tendering

In 2014, Tønder Municipality launched an analysis of the potential in outsourcing the tasks of the Department of Public Works. This subsequently led to a call for tenders for these tasks and entering into a contract with a private contractor, starting on 1 April 2016.


Customer: Tønder Municipality

Period: 2014–2016


Tønder Municipality requested consulting assistance in three phases.

Phase 1:
Analysis of the potential in outsourcing the Department of Public Works' many tasks in the areas of roads, parks and green areas at schools and institutions, watercourse maintenance, winter maintenance, as well as ongoing inspection and preventive maintenance of buildings and structures as regards cleaning. The tasks were performed by 70 employees at four public works yards.

Phase 2:
A complete competitive tendering process, comprising all documents as well as the implementation of a combined EU invitation to tender for the tasks.

Phase 3:
Implementation of a contracting-entity function for attending to regulatory tasks, ordering, controlling and following up on the contractor's task performance.

Sweco's services:

  • Analysis of operation activities, level of service and bills of quantities with a view to creating a combined overview of previous performance
  • Combined memorandum with analysis results for political discussion.Valuation of buildings and equipment
  • Preparing client estimates based on lessons learnt from other municipal tasks, and assessing the potential savings
  • Implementation of a combined EU invitation to tender for two independent contracts, with prior pre-qualification, and the award criterion "the most financially advantageous tender"
  • Assistance in the entering into a contract with one private contractor
  • Preparation of an organisational plan for the contracting-entity function.Implementation of a start-up meeting and collaboration workshop with the contracting entity and the contractor
  • Assistance relating to the transfer of employees previously employed by the department
  • Assistance relating to the establishment of a requisitioning and follow-up system for task performance