Carlsberg station

Copenhagen’s Enghave Station has been shut down, is being removed and has been replaced by the new Carlsberg Station, part of the new urban district "Carlsberg Byen”. The station will be one of the busiest in Copenhagen and will serve as a traffic hub for changeovers between train and bus. Sweco served as lead consultant for the project which was built while the railway was operating.


Task: New S-train (commuter) station

Location: Copenhagen

Customer: Carlsberg Byen P/S

Period: 2012–2016

Capital expenditure: DKK 120,000,000

Sub-consultants: Gottlieb Paludan Architects A/S, Atkins Danmark A/S

Expertise: Lead consultancy


The project encompasses the establishment of a brand-new station in the south-east corner of Carlsberg Byen, west of Vesterfælledvej and near both housing and educational institutions. The station replaces Enghave Station, which has been shut down and is being removed.

Traffic hub
Once all areas of Carlsberg Byen have been fully developed, the new S-train station is expected to serve 12,000 departing passengers a day. This will make it the third busiest S-train station in Copenhagen, surpassed by only Nørreport Station and Copenhagen Central Station. In addition, the station is expected to serve as a traffic hub with changeover between S-train, local buses and many different “A” buses (providing high-quality and frequent service).

Station design
The station is built with an island platform where the west-bound track is shifted sideways to provide space. The platform is set up with an engineering room for information systems, technical installations, a cleaning room, etc.

The station’s forecourt is made up of two projecting bridge decks extending across the north-bound track, which provide access to the platform by way of stairs, lifts and escalators. The forecourt area is furnished with bicycle parking, information signs, lighting, etc.

Construction during operation
The station was built in stages, because the railway was operating during construction. This necessitated the blockage of tracks to carry out some works, either at night or weekends or for weeks at a time.

To optimise efficient project execution while minimising the disturbance of railway operations at the same time, the structures were made as a combination of prefabricated and cast-in-situ elements to take account of requirements and preferences for aesthetics, operation and maintenance.

The finished station has been handed over to Rail Net Denmark and Danish Rail and was built pursuant to the agreement between the Danish Ministry of Transport and Carlsberg Byen P/S.

Sweco was responsible for the project’s lead consultancy, and our services comprised project proposals, feasibility studies, a pre-project study (including regulatory processing), the main project, tendering and contracting as well as construction management and supervision.