Boubyan Seaport, Kuwait

Boubyan Seaport, Phase 1 comprises design of a new container terminal. Sweco is part of the supervision team regarding quay structures and dredging.


Client: Government of Kuwait, Ministry of Public Work (MPW), Mega Project Agency

Period: 2010-2014

Total project cost: Approx. 5 Billion DKK


The Government of Kuwait is developing the infrastructure of the Island Boubyan (863 km2) near to Iraq with bridge connections, roads, railways and urban and industrial facilities including the newbuilding of one of the biggest ports in the region – the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Seaport. 

The development of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Seaport is a 30 year program in 4 phases extending up til 60 berths accommodating the biggest container vessels with a draft of 20 m.The first phase of the development include:

  • Construction of 1,600 m quay wall for 20 meter water depth
  • Construction of a full service harbour including floating piers for tug boats with 8 meter water depth
  • Reclamation of 170 hektar (1.7 km2)
  • Dredging of the service harbour and construction access, 5.5 mill. m3
  • Dredging of berth, link channel and 45 km access channel, 75 mill. m3 to a depth of 14.5 meter
  • Design vessels: Container 400 m/157,000 DWT, Cargo 225 m/75,000 DWT, supply vessel 80 m/6000 T, tugs 40 m/1000 T

Hyundai Engineering contract:
The Korean construction company Hyundai Engineering was awarded the 882 mill. Euro design and construct contract for the first Phase. Within this contract the conseptual design should be made for future phases but also include detailed design for contract 2 – dredging works. These designs were made by DNV Royal Haskoning with extending modelling at HR Wallingford.

Special challenges:
The port is constructed on very soft foundation condition on the west bank of the Euphrates estuary. This leads to a substancial quay structure and sofisticaded soil improvement works. The area to be reclaimed has anticipated settlements of more than 2 m during reclamation work. The dredging design shall include 1 year of siltation allowance which is estimate to 1 meter overdredge amounting in more than 20 mill. m3 maintenance dredging a year.

URS contract:
The American engineering company URS (acquired Scott Wilson 2010) is fulfilling the contract with Design & Supervision for Phase 1. This includes design audit, contract administration, contract procurement together with supervision and inspection.

For the audit design a Design Review Board was established with 6 key experts responsible for engineering fields of:

  • Hydraulics and coastal modelling
  • Geotechnical conditions and reclamation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Marine and quay structures
  • Navigation simulations and Aids to Navigation
  • Dredging