RenoWeb - Software by Sweco RenoWeb is Sweco’s combined solution for processing and managing municipal waste-collection schemes.


IT solution: RenoWeb, RenoTrack, RenoMobil, Affaldsportal, Container Logistik System, BinTag.

Use: RenoWeb, RenoTrack and the accompanying portfolio products are used by many different municipalities, utilities and waste-management companies in Denmark for administration, payment collection and operation of municipal waste-management schemes.

Customers: Used by more than 50% of the municipalities in Denmark and by Nuuk, Greenland.



RenoWeb manages all processes from registering the collection of waste at an individual street address and managing rolling stock, equipment and agreements with individual households – to collecting payment for the services provided.

RenoWeb comprises a basic system and a wide range of supplementary modules which can be purchased when the need arises. In other words, it is possible to “tailor” the implementation to meet specific needs. RenoWeb contains many different links to the finance and book-keeping systems most widely used by municipalities. This means that data only needs to be updated in one location. RenoWeb’s haulier system RenoTrack manages the actual registration of waste collection in the field and continuously feeds data to RenoWeb, so it is possible to monitor the progress of the individual lorry. RenoWeb also has the option of text-messaging and e-mail notification of users about upcoming waste collection and gives both user and waste-collector the option of reporting problems involving lack of collection, spilled waste, incorrect sorting, etc. Everything is registered and documented in RenoWeb.


  • Anders Krøjmand
    Product manager, Waste and soil mangement
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  • Arne Hurup
    Head of Department, Solutions & Systems Integration
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