PARK - Software by Sweco PARK is an Asset Management system that can process registration, planning, documentation and operations through precise element registration using a flexible data model.


IT solution: PARK

Customers: Approx. 15 Danish municipalities/utilities.


PARK gives users a detailed overview of budgeting, tendering and operational aspects relating to the requisite maintenance of the elements registered. The focal point of Sweco PARK is the actual registration of assets, e.g. green areas, urban equipment, playgrounds and much more, which is done using the built-in GIS functionality. External data can be brought into play through standardised interfaces (WMS/WFS), which can also make these data available externally.

PARK supports the attachment of operating requirements to the elements so that it is easy to see what has been agreed in terms of quality descriptions and required condition. It is possible to insert expected costs per square metre and to calculate maintenance budgets. All figures can be extracted into a spreadsheet for further processing, if necessary. PARK OnSite makes it possible to perform a task on site and supports specific work flows such as the registration of hazardous/at-risk trees.

PARK is closely associated with DriftWeb. The recurring tasks defined in the individual elements of PARK are transferred to DriftWeb's task flow and thus included in task prioritisation. PARK and DriftWeb are linked through a well-defined interface based on the use of online services.


  • Kasper
    Project Manager, Solutions & Systems Integration
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  • Arne Hurup
    Head of Department, Solutions & Systems Integration
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  • Helge
    Product manager, Asset Management
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