LerMailService - Software by Sweco LerMailService is Sweco’s solution for automatically replying to excavation queries from LER (Danish Register of Underground Cable Owners).


IT solution: LerMailService

Customers: Approx. 10 Danish municipalities/utilities.


All commercial excavators in Denmark are required by law to submit a query to LER before beginning excavation to determine which owners of underground cable have interests in the area concerned. Similarly, cable owners are required to have their areas of interest registered with LER and to respond to an excavation query within five days and submit PDF drawings showing cabling information, as well as any cable data in digital form.

Sweco manages the task of responding to excavation queries from LER for a number of large and small owners of underground cable. In addition, some cable owners use Sweco's solution in their own operating environment.

Sweco's solution automatically processes replies to all excavation queries and the submission of cable information both as PDF drawings and in digital form. All excavation queries and their replies are kept on file and all activities are logged. In addition, customers are given access to Sweco's online solution where they can see their cables and excavation queries. In other words, they get an overview of who has submitted excavation queries within their area of interest.