Future-proofing the Waste Incineration Plant at Norfors

A fifth incinerator line was established at the Norfors utility plant, which will future-proof the waste-incineration plant and regional waste management in general. The new system will ensure a more efficient, low-cost supply of heat. Sweco was consultant for the task, which involved the establishment of a new building for the fifth incinerator line, a new unloading hall, a new control room, and complete rebuilding of the piping systems with new pump systems.


Customer: I/S Norfors (previously Nordforbrænding) with customers in the five owner-municipalities in North Zealand

Period: 2012–2017

Location: Hørsholm, Denmark


The project was particularly challenging because the system had to operate at full capacity during implementation. This required taking particular consideration during the construction of the buildings and piping systems. Also, it was crucial to the customer that the new piping installations be positioned in a manner that looked natural after the old piping had been removed. 

To accommodate this, the project team based its efforts throughout the process on a 3-D model to which everyone had access. This made it possible for everyone to have the updated material available at all time. In addition, it was possible to make different simulations to see how piping installations could ideally be located to get the best results after commissioning. Finally, the 3-D model was an indispensable tool for presenting the solution to the Norfors management so they could see with their own eyes and imagine the final result.

A cornerstone of the project was the redefining of the plant’s management and control principles. Heat is generated at the plant today by two waste incinerators but also by local gas-fired boilers. Together they ensure an uninterrupted delivery of heat round the clock. In addition to the station’s own customers, heat is also supplied to Helsingør through dedicated pipes. The new management principle means that every single one of these plants is now equipped with independent pumps that only use the electricity necessary to ensure that each system can deliver the output wished for.

In addition to serving as lead consultant on selected projects, Sweco is also responsible for project management, designing structures and installations, construction management and trade supervision.

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