Cheap Carbon-Neutral Heat For Growth In The Triangle Region

The Skærbæk Power Station is converting from being fuelled by natural gas to wood chips. This means that customers in the Triangle region can look forward to greener, cheaper heat and a continued high reliability of supply. In addition, the Power Station will be much more flexible in its choice of fuels and operating efficiency.


Customer: DONG Energy A/S

Period: 2012–2017

Location: Fredericia, Denmark.


The decision to rebuild Skærbæk Power Station was prompted by the requirement of the TVIS transmission company: heat produced by renewable energy at the most advantageous price. This project made it possible to create a sound commercial basis for the supply of heat and for supplying new customers, which at the same time meets TVIS’s ambition to deliver eco-friendly district heating to the Triangle region.

By utilising the existing power-station facilities and the Skærbæk Power Station’s location, Sweco could design a CHP for the lowest capital expenditure. This helped DONG Energy land the district-heating supply contract. By building as part of an existing power station, it is also possible to create a high level of flexibility, because the option of using natural gas as a fuel from the existing plant is retained. The power station can run on either wood chips alone, natural gas alone or a combination of both.

There were several important factors for DONG Energy related to the project. The project economy played a big part as DONG Energy wanted a low capital expenditure, but at the same time DONG Energy needed low operating costs to give TVIS the right prices. Punctual commissioning, without compromising on the high safety requirements, was also crucial. This was ensured by way of, among other things, a strict time schedule and by negotiating and finalising supplier agreements early on.

The project was implemented by employees from Sweco Denmark and Sweco Sweden. Sweco is responsible for engineering consultancy in the analysis, site-development and execution phases. The involvement of Sweco Sweden made it possible to tap into the lessons learned from Swedish power station projects and thus assemble the best team possible.

The Skærbæk Power Station is also the first Danish Sweco project that can be visited in virtual reality.

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