Water & Wellness Randers

The swimming hall contains a 50 m swimming pool, playing pools with water slides, wading pools, a play area, wellness area, café, reception and changing rooms, dispersed over the total of 8,000 m2. Outside there is a sauna garden with a jacuzzi, sauna and bathing lake. The swimming baths are constructed as a PPP (Public-Private Partnership), the first swimming baths in Denmark to be built in this manner.


Location: Randers

Customer: Leisure Danmark ApS, Gribskov Gruppen

Period: 2012-2015

Area: 8,000 m2

Architect: 3x SKAK arkitekter

Services: Engineering consultant for all engineering disciplines, including technical installations for swimming baths, as well as construction management


Sweco was lead consultant for the task and served as the consultant for all engineering disciplines throughout the project. Our consultancy included geotechnology and environmental technology, design-engineering of all engineering disciplines, including swimming-baths technology and water treatment, as well as consultancy on fire protection and acoustics.

The building was built according to the 2015 Building Code standard without active energy solutions. This makes it possible to install active energy sources later on to further reduce operating costs. The passive solutions particularly include the building’s impermeability, reduction of thermal bridges, as well as strategic position of windows.

Seeing that Gribskov Gruppen will be responsible for managing the building for the next 30 years, there was keen focus on optimising the building management systems for the swimming baths. Therefore the technical installations are continuously adapted to the precise needs of Water & Wellness Randers. This resulted in building-management optimisation valued at DKK 1.7 million annually.