Skolefællesskabet, Aalborg

Skolefællesskabet is a newly constructed building community comprising the health care assistant (SOSU) and adult education (VUC) study programmes in Aalborg, which together have 2,200 students and 350 employees. The building project is located in the previous freight-yard area at the centre of Aalborg. The project integrates the old terminal building with two new buildings being constructed for the two educational institutions. The building project totals 25,000 m2. Sweco was responsible for the design engineering of all engineering disciplines, including load-bearing structures, HVAC installations, electrical installations, energy conditions, indoor climate and acoustics. In addition, Sweco has provided fire-protection consultancy and conducted trade supervision during the construction phase.


Customer: A. Enggaard A/S

Client: VUC Nordjylland and SOSU Nord

Period: 2011–2014

Architect: Friis & Moltke A/S

Area: 25,000 m2

Services:  Design engineering of all engineering disciplines, fire-protection consultancy and trade supervision.


A fundamental idea of the community is to develop a lively, dynamic educational environment that supports both the practical benefits and the dynamism which can be created by means of a wide-ranging educational environment in the centre of the city. The project established a building community where the institutions exploit the communal potential and where each study programme or field of study can develop and maintain its identity at the same time. The Skolefællesskabet project comprises all types of classrooms, including classrooms for theoretical education and different types of special-subject rooms, project rooms, interviewing rooms, offices/administrative facilities, technology rooms, a canteen, lounges, shared facilities, etc.  The shared educational facilities include the construction of a sports hall and a four-storey 20,000 m2 car park with space for 600 vehicles.

The project was carried out as a design-build contract with A. Enggaard A/S as the design-build contractor. During the design-engineering phase, there was close ongoing dialogue between the users, the design-build contractor, the architect and Sweco. This process focused on optimising the technical solutions for indoor climate, installations, structures, etc. We successfully combined the very ambitious proposals of both users and the architect, providing technical solutions which took into account the design-build contractor’s overall budget as well as the client’s overall financial preferences.

In collaboration with the project’s other stakeholders, Sweco’s team took a holistic approach to the task where sustainability and indoor climate were in focus from the outset. The creation of an educational institution with lots of daylight, a healthy indoor climate and low energy consumption – with a limited capital- expenditure budget – was very challenging. The building complies with the 2015 energy class, which was achieved by establishing a well-insulated building envelope with triple energy-efficient glazing, exterior solar shielding and an energy efficient ventilation system with a high level of heat recovery.

Skolefællesskabet, Aalborg

Skolefællesskabet, Aalborg