Rigshospitalet, Construction Management

Sweco is construction manager for the construction of the North Wing, a multi-storey car park and the Patient Hotel at the New Rigshospital, totalling 77,000 m2. Construction management is a complex assignment with the interaction of many trades. It is also conducted in a densely populated urban area while the existing hospital is operating at full capacity: the existing buildings were torn down while the underground Finsen Centre, with expensive scanners and linear accelerators, was simultaneously operating at full capacity. The North Wing is also being constructed right next to the existing hospital where the street to the trauma centre, for example, must not be blocked under any circumstances.


Customer: Capital Region of Denmark

Architect: Aarhus Arkitekterne (lead consultant), 3XN Architects, Nickl & Partner, as well as Kirstine Jensens Tegnestue

Period: 2012–2018

Capital expenditure (not for private customers): DKK 1.8 billion

Area: 77,000 m2


A multi-storey 17,000 m2 car park has been built under the main contract, whereas the Patient Hotel covering 7,400 m2 was built under three multi-trade contracts comprising building shell/closure, fittings and technological equipment. The North Wing, covering around 50,000 m2, was built under seven multi-trade contracts: façades, fittings, construction site, building shell, HVAC, electricity, landscaping and grounds.

The demolition of the existing buildings was complicated: the processes for demolition and the mitigation of dust, noise and vibrations had to observe strict requirements to prevent bothering vulnerable patients, staff, street users and others due to the environmentally hazardous substances in the existing buildings. Seeing that the underground Finsen Centre contains costly scanners and linear accelerators which cannot withstand vibrations, the elimination of vibrations was also one of Sweco’s consultancy services.

The demolition of the existing buildings involved the erection of a noise reduction fence around the construction sites and the implementation of methods to reduce dust pollution. Dust detectors, etc., were used, and artificial rain was created to encapsulate dust particles.

As construction manager, Sweco is responsible for coordinating the time schedule, work, finances and risk management. By focusing on strict interfaces between the contracts, we help to ensure sound price formation and the drafting of resilient time schedules. We are keenly focused on ensuring that there are realistic interfaces between contracts to ensure constructability, and to ensure that the time schedules can be followed.