Kanalvejshusene (Kanalvej Building Project)

The vision of Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality for the area around Kanalvej is to create diverse urban life with a mix of shops, businesses, cultural activities, cafés and housing units. With its historical fortification canal and green areas, the area is intended to be a gathering place for everyone. The first building constructed in the area was Microsoft’s new Danish headquarters. Now the second stage of the project is being implemented on the Kanalvej site with housing units covering 16,700 m2 and commercial property covering 5,200 m2. The Kanalvej building project is constructed as a design-build contract where Sweco serves as Hoffmann’s engineering consultant for all engineering disciplines. In addition, Sweco will provide supervision during construction. The project architect is Henning Larsen Architects.


Task: Kanalvej Building Project

Location: Lyngby

Customer: Hoffmann A/S

Client: Danica Ejendomme

Period: 2015–2018

Area: 22,000 m2

Architect: Henning Larsen Architects

Services: The design of technical installations and structures, the provision of fire-protection consultancy, energy consultancy and indoor climate calculations as well as supervision during construction.


The housing units comprise new student accommodation, as well as dwellings to be used for employees of the Technical University of Denmark and businesses in the local area. The housing units must comply with the 2010 Building Code and the 2015 Low Energy Framework, and Sweco ensures that these requirements and project prerequisites are incorporated into the project and its specifications. This includes requirements stipulated for windows, skylights, doors, foundations, solar protection, natural and mechanical ventilation, HVAC and electricity.  

The project gives high priority to ensuring an ideal indoor climate. In this context, Sweco has prepared indoor-climate calculations which have formed the basis for the modification and defining of the façades. The heating of the dwellings is automatically regulated according to both outdoor and indoor temperatures. Mechanical ventilation is installed, and Sweco has recommended the use of noise-reducing windows to create a healthy indoor climate, both in terms of acoustics and atmosphere.

In addition, the following will also be built in the area: an underground car park, an area for sporting activities, a square where shops, cafés and an outdoor stage will be established, as well as a green corridor linking the Kanalvej site to the centre of Lyngby and the Technical University of Denmark. 

Kanalvej Building Project