Herlev Hospital, Mother-Child Emergency Care Unit

Herlev Hospital is being enlarged to include a mother-child emergency unit covering 55,000 m2, as well as a service building, sterile services department, multi-storey car park and waste water treatment system covering a total of 20,000 m2. Sweco is the construction manager and OHS coordinator for the project.


Task (name of project): Herlev Hospital, mother-child unit, construction management and OHS coordination (B)

Location: Herlev

Customer: Capital Region of Denmark

Period: 2013–2018

Capital expenditure (not for private customers): DKK 2 billion

Area: 75,000 m2

Architect: H+ Arkitekter

Services: construction management and OHS coordination (B)


Sweco is lead consultant with H+ Arkitekter as sub-consultant for the combined construction management task, which extends over five years. Sweco also manages OHS coordination for all building projects.

For this task, Sweco was involved very early in the process – 11 months before the first construction work began at the site. Therefore, we could begin to plan the construction site and analyse workflows and processes early on. We have also commented on the prepared project material already during the project proposal phase. This has made it possible to exert influence on the final solutions in the main project phase to ensure that the solutions are constructable and easy to install. Furthermore, we get the best basis for taking a serious approach to construction scheduling before the invitation to submit tenders.

Sweco is also involved in strategy work relating to contractual divisions, just as we are keenly focused on the strict interfaces between the trade contracts. Our early involvement helps to ensure sound price formation and the drafting of resilient time schedules.

The project comprises around 30 trade and multi-trade contracts, dispersed over three building projects, for which Sweco is the lead construction manager. The contract expenditures amount to DKK 2 billion.

From the outset of the project, Herlev Hospital has given high priority to ensuring that the contractors take a serious approach to how they deal with health and safety at the construction site.

The contractors have focused on planning and organising the work to ensure occupational safety. Similarly, the comments given at safety inspection rounds have been followed up on immediately. There has been good, constructive dialogue at the safety meetings. The Danish Working Environment Authority has visited the construction site and expressed general satisfaction with the conditions at the site and submitted an inspection report without remarks.