Glostrup Hospital, Danish Headache Centre

Lead consultancy and construction management for the construction of the Danish Headache Centre at Glostrup Hospital. The building will be the new head office of the Danish Headache Centre and will be the most highly specialised treatment centre in Denmark for patients with severe headaches. It will include out-patient clinics, offices, laboratories for diagnostics and clinical research, as well as meeting rooms, physiotherapy facilities, conference rooms and exercise rooms.


Location: Glostrup

Customer: Capital Region of Denmark

Period: 2012–2017

Area: 2,200 m2

Architect: H+ Arkitekter

Services: Lead consultancy, all engineering disciplines, as well as construction management


The building is designed to meet the special needs of these patients and includes special noise-reduction measures to minimise noise pollution.

As a requirement for a solution proposal, the Region demanded that the project be based on an existing building at the site, out of consideration for sustainability. Accordingly, the project team came up with a proposed solution that in part builds on the static elements of the existing building and at the same time positively interacts with the existing hospital architecture.

The building is intended to provide a framework for both clinical research and diagnostics. Therefore, Sweco – together with clinical staff and relevant patient associations – has focused on technical solutions addressing the special requirements of headache patients, including requirements for colour schemes, contrasts, daylight, lighting controls relating to circadian rhythms, smells and acoustic image.

Sweco was lead consultant and construction manager for the project. Our consultancy has comprised feasibility studies, conceptual proposal, programming, design-engineering management, IT coordination, design engineering of all engineering services, construction management and trade supervision.