DNV Gødstrup Stage 1

Sweco is involved as the leading party in the CuraVita consortium in the DNV Gødstrup hospital building project covering 98,000 m2, Stage 1, Somatics. This will include units for A&E, intensive care, image diagnostics, laboratories, thorax, abdominal, family units and common functions, as well as traffic and technical areas. In addition, family rooms for families admitted with sick children are being established.


Customer: Central Denmark Region

Location: Herning (Denmark)

Period: 2011-2018

Capital expenditure: 1,600,000,000 DKK

Area: 98,000 m2



Sweco joined the design phase at a very early stage as an active partner in the design of the large hospital: we set the technical guidelines for the design to achieve the best possible daylight conditions and the best possible conditions for sustainability and energy efficiency, logistics and OHS, logical routings for technical installations and general project constructability.

Sweco is project manager and design-engineering manager for all engineering disciplines and designs all electrical installations, while MOE designs all HVAC installations. A number of technical installations for gases and fluids are included in the laboratories, operating theatres and associated functions. Sweco designs all electrical installations, as well as BMS and controls for ventilation systems in these rooms.

The building has been designed to meet Building Code 2020, and the goal is to achieve high utilisation coefficients for all installations to minimise energy consumption. A solar panel system is being set up near the hospital and will supply the hospital with electricity. The system covers 7,000 m2 and generates 1 MW. Sweco designed the entire system and is supervising its construction.

Sweco carried out a number of daylight calculations for the purpose of designing the building to maximise the influx of daylight in the rooms. This reduces the need for artificial lighting, and thus energy consumption, at the same time that it makes the indoor climate more pleasant for staff and patients alike.

Sweco played a key part in the project management and has been represented by the project manager, design management and the key staff functions concerning construction economics, planning and time management. 

In addition, our consultancy has included the following: site development, environmental consultancy (including WSUD), groundwater lowering and pile foundations, load-bearing structures, lighting design, daylight calculations, electrical installations, BMS, IT network, patient paging systems, lifts, bed panels, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, generator systems, stand-by/safety lighting, power supply systems and back-up/safety installations, fire-protection consultancy, acoustics, excavation and sewerage/drainage, solar cell system, BIM and ICT agreements and issuance of tendering specifications, digital provision of operation and maintenance for the client’s operating and maintenance system, as well as interdisciplinary collision detection.