Building Engineering

Building engineering is largely a matter of security. Sweco’s structural engineers create buildings that are safe to live and work in and that stand the test of time. Sweco takes a holistic approach and ensures that load-bearing structures harmonise with the building’s design and intended indoor environment - whether we are dealing with a new build, reconstruction or renovation.


  • Advanced Steel Structures
  • Building
  • Building design
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Energy Labelling and Energy Optimisation
  • Fire engineering and risk analysis
  • Architectural Lighting Design
  • Monitoring and inspection of buildings
  • Renovation and reconstruction
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Structural Vibrations and Monitoring
  • Sustainability Certification

Architectural Lighting Design

Light is important for people’s well-being and spatial experience.

Lighting design reinforces the project’s spatial and architectural qualities. It creates visual comfort, mood and atmosphere.

The planning of outdoor lighting is crucial for creating evocative outdoor spaces with respect for the surrounding climate and environment, and which provide safety for activities after dark.

Sweco’s Danish lighting team excel in lighting consultancy, for both daylight and artificial lighting, and in developing lighting design for indoor and outdoor projects.

Our goal is to use daylight and artificial lighting efficiently so that the light creates a high-quality setting, both aesthetically and functionally for living and enjoying life.

We provide a wide range of consultancy services in the field of daylight and artificial lighting, and we join forces with clients, architects and artists to create creative concepts that we transform into efficient technical solutions.

Sweco can assist in:

  • Lighting design
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Consultancy on daylight
  • Lighting and health


Experience some of our building engineering cases.


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