Fremtidens Sølund Copenhagen

Dialogue is our most important tool. In programming Fremtidens Sølund, we used an active, dialogue based process incorporating knowledge, creativity and involvement. The goal is to ensure that Fremtidens Sølund, which will be the biggest care facility in Denmark, is also a model care facility in terms of welfare technology.


Project: Fremtidens Sølund

Role: Client Consultant

Size: 37,875 m²

Location: Copenhagen

Client: KAB

Lead architect: Sabina Happel

The existing Sølund (nursing home and day-care facility) is being torn down. It is being replaced by Fremtidens Sølund – a care facility with 360 assisted living dwellings, 150 dwellings for young people, 20 senior-citizen dwellings, a day-care facility for five groups of children and an underground public car park. In collaboration with Munksgaard plus Andersen, Sweco Architects was responsible for client consultancy, which included user-involvement processes and the preparation of a competition programme.

Out of the 150 dwellings for young people, 20 are reserved for young people with Asperger syndrome.

Beneath the building complex is an underground public car park with 80 spaces, as well as 83 parking spaces for the residents.

User meetings were held prior to the competition programme where neighbours, residents and others could voice their ideas for Fremtidens Sølund. Similarly future residents are represented in various user groups, including as representatives for the coming care facility, day-care facility, senior co-housing scheme and dwellings for young people, as well as representatives for young people with Asperger syndrome.

Sweco Architects took part in KAB’s process concerning the selection of tenderers and subsequently served as competition administrator for recommending and assessing the winning teams. Sweco Architects was also involved in area layout, functional analysis, quantity studies, rearrangement of stages, budgeting and scheduling, as well as risk analysis. Sweco Architects’ landscape architects were involved in assessing outdoor spaces.