Amager power station, Copenhagen

Construction and planning are interactive processes. One of the best ways to achieve sound, future-oriented results is by combining partnership, processes and products. Sweco Architects implemented a physical strategy plan for HOFOR for the area’s future development.


Project: BIO4, Amager Power Station

Role:          Client Consultant

Size: DKK 4.5 billion, of which DKK 125 million was used for facade and administration

Location:                   Copenhagen

Client: HOFOR

Lead architect: Morten Toft

The implementation of the task was based on a comprehensive user-involvement process, as well as digital updating of the existing buildings at the site. This included the drawing up of a master plan. After the needs analysis, Sweco Architects prepared tender documents and a competition programme with the following elements:

  • An overall architectural concept for the Amager Power Station, adapted to the surroundings on the Kraftværshalvøen peninsula
  • Architectural processing of the BIO4 unit, focused on architectural identity and quality in terms of style and materials to support HOFOR's vision and objectives
  • General contamination conditions and areas
  • A functional, systematic building project for administrative, laboratory, workshop and staff facilities
  • A logistics analysis for the entire peninsula, focusing on heavy traffic, influx of supplies, staff and service conditions, as well as safety and security conditions on land and water

Sweco Architects provided consultancy throughout the assessment period.