Umeå Campus park

A beautiful setting and a unique site created for the informal meetings of critical importance in a campus area.


Project: Umeå Campus Park

Role: Landscape architect

Size: 23,000 m²

Location: Umeå

Client: Akademiska Hus i Norr AB

 Lead architect: Thorbjörn Andersson


The latest research shows that the most important factors in an academic environment are not microscopes or lengthy academic lectures. Instead it is the informal meetings that are crucial for learning the academic method. In this respect, campus outdoor spaces are essential because they offer informal places for researchers, students and educators to meet, which is part of the Anglo-Saxon educational tradition. Sweden only recently adopted a policy whereby all higher education study programmes must be enriched with these rewarding informal meeting sites, and the Umeå example is one of the country’s first of its kind.

“The most beautiful campus in Sweden,” said Lena Gustavsson, Vice Chancellor of Umeå University, at the opening ceremony in 2010.