Hyllie Square

The winning proposal in the international competition for Hyllie Square in Malmö, situated on top of the City Tunnel and surrounded by a number of outstanding buildings. The motto was “Fagus”, which is the Latin word for beech tree.


Project: Hyllie Square

Role: Lead consultant and landscape architect

Size:19,400 m²

Location: Hyllie, Malmö

Client: Malmö Municipality

A vibrant, bustling meeting place in a modern, up-to-date urban district at Hyllie Station. A powerful urban space with character and identity.

The solution incorporates lines from the site’s existing geometrics and setting but contrasts with them at the same time, unifying the square into an independent entity.

The project creates a dynamic square that transforms round the clock offering a wide variety of experiences depending on the time of night or day. For this reason, light plays a prominent, active part at the square as a design element and dynamo for both planned and unforeseen events.

The square is surrounded by striking buildings, which makes it necessary to ensure a holistic style for the square so its impressive dimensions can match the surroundings. The space offers intimacy and sensuality and invites people to sit, relax and enjoy one another’s company.