Marieberg: Sweco’s Stockholm headquarters

All of Sweco’s technical disciplines are brought together in the building which is specifically designed to encourage creative meetings and synergies. The building architecture embodies clear sustainable aspects, which are Sweco’s hallmarks.


Project: Marieberg

Role: Architect

Size: 27,000 m²

Location: Stockholm

Client: Sweco AB

Sweco’s Stockholm headquarters has been rebuilt and refurbished so that it now stands out as a modern workplace with a flexible dynamic environment. The project’s focal points were working environment and sustainability.

A new bright inner courtyard has been added, transecting the building and increasing the influx of daylight. In so doing, it became possible to increase the number of workplaces so that all Sweco employees in Stockholm now work in the same building for the first time ever. The project also focused on the office building’s arrival area by providing a new entrance section and reception area. The rebuilding and new layout included office spaces, meeting rooms, café and canteen facilities and a penthouse floor for the executive management. All functions are interspersed with informal meeting areas for employees.

The building received Gold certification by the Swedish Green Building Council and, once the building had been converted, energy consumption fell by 65%. The rebuilding not only focused on energy efficiency but also on the use of recyclable materials. The building also received the Swedish Green Building Council’s sustainability award in the “Existing building” category.