Fujitsu Malmö

Inspired by old Japanese buildings, discreet colours, materials, textures and furniture are the hallmarks of the project, whose recurring features also include sliding doors and natural materials such as wood, leather and silk.


Project: Fujitsu

Role: Architect

Size: 800 m²

Location: Malmö

Client: Fujitsu

Sweco Architects was responsible for the interior design of Fujitsu’s new Malmö office, housing 60 office workplaces. The new office landscape was created on the basis of a user-involvement process where it became clear that users wanted the interior design to be based on the company’s Japanese roots and focus on creating a healthy working environment at the same time. From this, Sweco’s interior designers created an interior design concept based on a vision of an old Japanese tea-house garden.

As a result, conference and meeting rooms were positioned at different angles in the open-plan office, thereby creating nice spatial options in the form of small niches and large openings.

The concept for colours, materials and furniture was inspired by old Japanese buildings typified by discreet materials, textures and colours. Therefore they chose earth colours and recurring features such as sliding doors, as well as the use of natural materials such as wood, leather and silk.