The Swedish Police stipulate strict requirements for a police station: it must comply with high security and privacy standards while ensuring that the police are perceived as an accessible authority at the same time – a complex task for Sweco Architects. Today, the building is valued by visitors, passers-by and the people who work in the building.


Project: Police Department Kalmar

Role: Architect and landscape architect

Size: 12,600 m²

Location: Kalmar

Client: PEAB Sverige

Lead architect: Jörgen Hansson

Sweco Architects designed the winning proposal for the new Police Department Kalmar. One of the challenges of designing a police department is to construct a building that is both open and off limits at the same time. The facades are of cedar and decorative concrete with illustrations inspired by nature to create a more inviting impression. The building is divided into security zones, which means that visitors are subject to security control upon arrival at the main entrance. Garages, interrogation facilities and detention cells are on the same floor, which minimises the security risk. The administrative functions are also on a floor by themselves. At the centre of the building is the canteen – a natural meeting and common area – where employees from different departments can meet and share experiences.

The building is highly valued in the local area by visitors, passers-by and the people who work there.