Coloplast Humlebæk

Sweco Architects has enlarged and rebuilt the factory area covering 40.000 m². A 400-metre-long glass-encased main street links the complex. Along this thoroughfare, the buildings and side streets are interconnected to form a small village.


Project: Coloplast

Role: Architect

Size: DKK 550 million 40,000 m²

Location: Humlebæk 

Client: Coloplast A/S

Lead architect: Curt Ølgod

The Coloplast headquarters are located in Humlebæk. Sweco Architects has enlarged and rebuilt a total of 40.000 m² on an ongoing basis. The original development plan was designed to make it possible to enlarge the building complex successively, which is exactly what has happened in the course of 12 major enlargements to date. A 400-metre-long glass-encased main street connects the two north and south entrances.  Along this thoroughfare, buildings and side streets are interconnected to form a small village.

Today, the building complex houses administrative offices with two associated canteens, meeting rooms and an auditorium seating 222, a multi-purpose hall covering 1,200 m², laboratories and a development section, production halls with several large clean rooms and a high-rise storage facility. In addition, there are areas belonging to support functions, such as loading ramps, a waste-management section and large areas for technical facilities.

The manufacture of goods is now being relocated on a large scale to factories in Hungary and China. Development, sales and group administration are being concentrated in Humlebæk, however. For this reason, since 2006, we have been working to convert former production halls into high-ceilinged open-plan offices, a development section, as well as laboratories and workshops.

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