Bestseller Haderslev

A logistics centre covering 48,000 m² for the Bestseller clothing company. The location in the countryside exploits the region’s historical references and the area’s scenic qualities, and the two east-facing high-rise storage facilities are a striking feature along the motorway.


Project: Bestseller

Role: Architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 273 million, 48,000 m²

Location: Haderslev

Client: Bestseller A/S

Lead architect: Mads Stenbæk Jakobsen

Sweco Architects served as design engineers for the Züblin AG contracting firm for
the construction of a logistics centre covering 48,000 m² near the E45 motorway, north of Haderslev.

The building complex comprises five structural elements: an administration building, a sorting terminal, two high-rise storage facilities and an independent sprinkler centre.

The administration building is laid out with administrative premises such as reception, offices and canteen facilities. The offices have direct access to and views of the storage area. The two east-facing high-rise storage facilities, with total floorage of around 12,000 m², are a striking feature in the countryside. The new building complex has a white 6-metre high concrete base. The facades are clad with fire-proofed wooden moulding suspended on a base of highly insulating facade elements. The facade is interspersed with different variations of glass facades, depending on the functions behind it.

The location in the landscape exploits the region's historical references and the area’s scenic qualities in the form of woodland, lakes and the rolling east Jutland countryside.


Photo: Thomas Mølvig