Student housing units, Söderåsen, Stockholm

The student housing units are located on a triangular plot in Söderåsen, Stockholm. The yellow and brown hues of the concrete are reminiscent of the site’s industrial history, and an open courtyard serves as a green common room for students.


Project: Student housing units, Söderåsen, Stockholm

Role: Architect

Size: 6,000 m2

Location: Norra Djurgårdsstaden,Stockholm

Client: Svenska Bostäder

Lead architects: Jens Randecker and Sidsel Wållgren

Sweco Architects was commissioned by Svenska Bostäder to develop and design 145 student housing units. The project concept arose from the triangular shape of the construction site and the building programme for the student housing units. The concept ended with two apartment buildings, six and seven storeys respectively, which together form a slightly curving triangular courtyard opening to the south and the beautiful view across Boberg.

The character of the dwellings is reflected in the facade where glass walls and rust-coloured concrete form a regular pattern. The facades on the inner courtyard are partly clad with vertical sections of vegetation. Towards the south, a lift and a stairwell connect the open-air walkways to the various storeys. The stairwell is also clad with rust-coloured concrete panels.