Nysäter Gothenburg

Sweco Architects has designed a small-scale residential neighbourhood in a scenic area with views of Lake Örtjärn. The project was honoured with the 2008 Red Paint Prize for its exceptional architectural quality.


Project: Nysäter

Role: Architect

Size: 100 housing units

Location: Mölnlycka, Gothenburg

Client: SBC, Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum   

The building project comprising 100 housing units has views of Lake Örtjärn and is situated in the scenic Mölnlycka area, outside Gothenburg. The project was honoured with the 2008 Red Paint Award for its exceptional architectural quality.

The existing nature areas and woodlands were the point of departure – not only for the siting of the project and the landscaping, but also for the architectural style of the buildings and the materials chosen.

The project includes both owner-occupied dwellings and rental units, as well as apartments and terraced houses. The materials used are vertical wood panelling painted black, horizontal cedar panelling, slate and zinc.

The buildings are carefully situated in the landscape to avoid harming the natural amenities of the site. To residents, this is a peaceful and safe area, in contrast with the hectic urban life of Gothenburg.