54 dwellings for young people in Skarpnäck

Prize-winning project where Sweco created low-cost dwellings for young people with a well-conceived and inviting architectural style. The building is in Skarpnäck, outside Stockholm, and is made up of 54 flats, 31 m2 each.


Project: Dwellings for young people, Brf Läktaren Stockholm

Role: Architect

Size: SEK 31 mill. 1,850 m2

Location: Skarpnäck

Client: Larken, Besqab     

Sweco Architects has built 54 dwellings for young people, 31 m2 each, in Skarpnäck. The right-angled, four-storey building faces south around a courtyard and borders on a lush nature area. The building complex is internally connected by outdoor corridors.

The facades are made of brick and wood and appear solid and natural in relation to the site’s surroundings. The facade facing the street is made of brick, whereas the facade facing the courtyard is made of wood, which gives a pleasant texture to corridors where residents move close to the facade. The flats are very energy efficient.

The outdoor corridors are wide, making it possible for each resident to have his/her own private balcony. The design of the flats keenly focuses on a large influx of daylight and the possibility of having views of the surroundings. The flats are flexible and afford many different furnishing possibilities.

Sweco was responsible for conceptual development and design engineering.