Gentofte Hospital

Sweco Architects has been responsible for several projects at Gentofte Hospital based on an overall master plan that is robust and long-term, and which unifies the area and establishes a new overall identity.


Project: Gentofte Hospital

Role: Architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 151 million, building

Location: Gentofte

Client: Gentofte Hospital

Lead architect: Curt Ølgod

Sweco Architects has managed several projects at Gentofte Hospital, including user involvement, project management, construction management and supervision:

  • Rebuilding and refurbishment of approx. 3,100 m2 at Gentofte Hospital, Unit Z. The project comprises the orthopaedic surgery patient unit, an outpatient clinic for alloplastic treatment and sports injuries, as well as rehabilitation.
  • Re-housing the Mental Health Services Copenhagen, which has facilities at Bispebjerg and which will be re-housed at Gentofte Hospital for a five-year period. The project comprises the design engineering of the rebuilding of approximately 6,000 m2 with patient rooms, service and treatment, to ensure that the re-housing can take place.
  • Rebuilding of the patient building, totalling 12,500 m2. The building was constructed in 1927 and is worthy of preservation. An emergency clinic is set up on the ground floor. A patient-room unit for the emergency clinic has been set up on the first floor. Patient rooms for internal medicine are on the second floor. The climate envelope has been totally refurbished.
  • The physiotherapy unit was relocated and refurbished, including new exercise and workout rooms, admission facilities and associated back-up.
  • Master plan: The intention was to design a robust, long-term strategy which unifies the area and creates an overall identity.


Photo:           Mads Frederik