Nyborg Gymnasium, Campus Nyborg

This modern building complex will provide a flexible, dynamic framework, with a human profile, active spaces and meeting places as the focal point. The vision of Nyborg Campus is to create a powerful identity for the four lines of study and a new meeting point and heart of the campus


Project: Nyborg Gymnasium (upper secondary school)

Role: Lead consultant, architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 65 million

Location: Nyborg

Client: Nyborg Gymnasium (upper secondary school)

Lead architect: Mads Stenbæk Jakobsen

Drafting of a master plan and subsequently the main design engineering for Nyborg Campus, Nyborg Upper Secondary School.

The master plan includes the following elements:

  • The establishment of several study, lounge and meeting areas for the students. This is done by constructing a new building (1,400 m²) / an addition to the existing assembly hall. The complex also includes a new main entrance and will enhance the identity of Nyborg Campus. A new multi-functional student area will be created with direct access to the administrative and management offices on a first-floor balcony. A new production kitchen will be established as part of the assembly hall
  • More spacious conditions for the teachers with more workstations, a bigger teachers’ room and more meeting facilities
  • Enlarged and more centrally located administrative and management offices
  • The construction of a new modern multi-purpose hall for sports classes, assemblies, exams, musicals, concerts, etc. The hall houses 5 badminton courts, a workout room, bathing facilities, storage rooms, etc.
  • Establishment of new classrooms for ordinary classes                                                     
  • Rebuilding of the existing small gyms into facilities for art subjects
  • Additional parking spaces

Sweco was responsible for process management, construction programme, stage/reshuffling plan with user involvement, environmental targets, design-engineering management, design engineering, a digital EU public procedure, construction management, coordination of safety and health, operation and maintenance, overall budget, as well as handover and one-year inspection.