Nørre Gymnasium Brønshøj

The upper secondary school’s framework has been transformed through a series of projects. The new additions were all created to be multi-functional as a key element. The spaces are filled with and influenced by activity and people. Creating a sense of belonging for all users in a new unifying identity for the upper secondary school was a deliberate aim of the projects.


Project: Nørre Gymnasium 

Role: Lead consultant, architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 62 million

Location: Brønshøj

Client: Nørre Gymnasium 

Lead architect: Mads Stenbæk Jakobsen

Sweco Architects has been lead architect for several independent projects:

  • A multi-purpose hall with new rooms for drama, weight training and sports theory, totalling 1,450 m². Built with respect for the conservation line of the Vestvolden rampart.
  • Construction of a multi-purpose lobby area for assemblies, lectures, music, parties and working/relaxing. A teachers’ room with cloakroom, kitchen and meeting facilities, totalling 1,200 m², is located on the first floor,
  • The existing boys’ gym was rebuilt into 2 music rooms and 6 music practice rooms.
  • Outdoor activity area with varying surfacing and space for sitting/relaxing, sports and activities. New ramps and accessibility improvements at access doors.
  • New media centre with auditorium and film-editing facilities.
  • Rebuilding of 900 m² of existing physics and chemistry classrooms, including a new ventilation system.

Sweco was responsible for process management, construction programme, stage/reshuffling plan with user involvement, environmental targets, design-engineering management, design engineering, a digital EU public procedure, construction management, coordination of safety and health, operation and maintenance, overall budget, as well as handover and one-year inspection.


Photo:           Mads Frederik