Frederiksborg Gymnasium and HF Hillerød

Sweco Architects has been in charge of the rebuilding and enlargement of Frederiksborg Upper Secondary School on several occasions. The projects comprise a new building for all art subjects and a new multi-purpose hall supporting sports and assemblies.


Project: Frederiksborg Gymnasium

Role: Lead consultant, architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 82 million, 3,800 m²

Location: Hillerød

Client: Frederiksborg Gymnasium og HF

Lead architect: Curt Ølgod

Sweco Architects has enlarged Frederiksborg Upper Secondary School’s facilities on three occasions through the following projects:

  • The construction of a new classroom building covering 1,300 m² for art subjects. The building is constructed in compliance with low-energy standards and has a large solar cell system on the roof generating electricity for the building.
  • The construction of a new two-storey classroom building covering 800 m² with space for 6 normal classrooms.
  • The construction of a new multi-purpose hall covering 1,700 m². The new multi-purpose hall is designed to accommodate three sports classes at the same time, but it is multi-functional in relation to events, assemblies, examination, etc. The multi-purpose hall is a detached building, so changing-room facilities are part of the hall. The building is ventilated naturally and has passive cooling. As regards the choice of materials, high priority was given to renewable resources.
  • New sun shielding on existing buildings.
  • Establishment of 250 m² of solar cells on south-facing roofs.
  • Re-laying and optimisation of all outdoor areas to meet up-to-date accessibility requirements pursuant to Building Code 2010.

As lead architect, Sweco was responsible for process management, construction programme, stage/reshuffling plan with user involvement, design-engineering management, design engineering, a digital EU public procedure, construction management, coordination of safety and health, operation and maintenance, as well as handover and one-year inspection.


Photo:           Mads Frederik