Egedal Gymnasium creativity building, Stenløse

Music, movement, drama, media and the visual arts are brought together in a new addition for creative subjects. The idea is to create spaces that not only appeal to scheduled functions but are also multi-functional and invite sitting, working or relaxing.


Project: Egedal Gymnasium Creativity Building

Role: Lead consultant, architect

Size: DKK 17 million, 1,070 m²

Location: Stenløse

Client: Egedal Gymnasium og HF

Lead architect: Curt Ølgod

Music, movement, drama, media and the visual arts are brought together in a new creativity building. A newly constructed two-storey building totalling 1,070 m² is located next to the sports hall. On the ground floor is an auditorium seating 60 and a multi-purpose hall for movement and activity, also for 60. There is also a music classroom and a two-storey lobby area with toilets and access to the first floor via a stairway and lift.

The auditorium and multi-purpose hall are five stair steps below the lobby. This makes for a ceiling height of 350 cm and the rooms are thus suited for meetings, movement and activities for many people. The auditorium can be conjoined with the multi-purpose hall by retracting the folding walls into the storage compartment. The large combined room of 235 m² can be used for theatrical events or as one large assembly hall. The auditorium and multi-purpose hall have a large window section facing north-west and north. This orientation means that the rooms do not need exterior sun screening. The light becomes a featured quality of the rooms, which needless to say can also be blacked out. The building was constructed in accordance with Energy Class 2015.

For the project, Sweco was responsible for user dialogue, design engineering, supervision, construction management and safety coordination.