Ystad Arena

Together with Henning Larsen Architects, Sweco Architects won the competition for new indoor swimming baths in Ystad. Sweco used traditional materials to create a sustainable building that stands out from other indoor swimming baths in Sweden.


Project: Ystad Arena

Role: Architect and landscape architect

Size: SEK 285 million, 7,800 m²

Location: Ystad

Client: Ystad Municipality

Ystad Arena is a new project for culture and sports. The initial phase of the project comprised the rebuilding of Österport Hall and the addition of a new hall for swimming facilities. A new ice hockey arena/skating rink is planned for the next phase. A new distinctive common entrance for the whole facility has been created at the east end, and an indoor swimming pool opens to the south-west towards the sunny park and outdoor swimming facilities.

The underlying concept for Arena Park is to be an amusement park for physical activities, but also for relaxing and recreational activities. Arena Park links the centre of Ystad to Sand Forest. The arrival area facing east is open and flexible with space for relaxing, assemblies and festive activities.

The panel of judges stated: “A building complex with a simple and clear style.  The building respects Österport Hall, which retains most of its facades. The new facades are clear and easy to grasp with a look that will grow lovelier over time.”