Tårnby multi-purpose hall

A characteristic, economic multi-purpose hall with a strikingly exposed laminated wood structure. The level of detail is simple and systematic, at the same time accentuating the structural principles.


Project: Tårnby Multi-purpose Hall

Role: Lead consultant, architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 24.5 million

Location: Tårnby

Client: Tårnby Gymnasium og HF 

Lead architect: Mads Stenbæk Jakobsen

New multi-purpose hall covering 1,475 m². The new building includes a hall with interior dimensions of 37 x 23 m, as well as a function zone with storage units, toilets, changing rooms, lobby and technical room. The hall can be set up lengthwise, for example, as a team handball court measuring 34 x 20 m, or crosswise as 5 badminton courts or 3 volleyball courts and 3 basketball courts. It is constructed to accommodate flexible partitions.

The building is ventilated naturally and has passive cooling. It also makes great use of natural daylight. As regards the choice of materials, high priority was given to renewable resources.

The hall is based on a Sweco concept developed for the Danish Building and Property Agency and is based on a repetition of a basic modular design, a simple construction system comprising load-bearing rear walls and a strikingly presented laminated wood structure.  Both are delivered as prefabricated solutions. The level of detail is simple and systematic to ensure fast construction time.

Head of school Metter Ringsted states: “It was an excellent process and a rewarding collaborative effort where everyone got what they wanted within the budget. We are very pleased with the results.”


Photo:           Mads Frederik