Nørre Gymnasium multi-purpose hall

The spotlight is on the activities, creating life and interaction. The functions are allowed to transcend their framework and interact with the other areas of the upper secondary school. Sports and movement are continued outdoors in an activity area.

Project: Nørre Gymnasium multi-purpose hall

Role: Lead consultant, architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 20 million

Location: Brønshøj

Client: Nørre Gymnasium (upper secondary school)

Lead architect: Mads Stenbæk Jakobsen

In continuation of the drafting of a master plan for Nørre Upper Secondary School, Sweco Architects was lead consultant and construction manager for the construction of a new multi-purpose hall.

The aim of the new multi-purpose hall is primarily to update the sports facilities, but it can also be used for multiple purposes during events, assemblies, examinations, etc.

The multi-purpose hall also houses new facilities for drama classes, weight training and sports theory and is part of an overall modernisation of the upper secondary school.

The new hall will be constructed according to a concept of simple, economic construction system with a strikingly exposed laminated-wood structure and an abundance of daylight. All structures are nicely presented in bright colours.

The building is also ventilated naturally and has passive cooling. As regards the choice of materials, high priority was given to renewable resources and to a low level of maintenance.


Photo:           Mads Frederik