Helsingborg multi-purpose arena

The project created a building made for sports and culture which can be used and influenced by both users and visitors all day long and all year round. It is a dynamic setting for being shared by a variety of users.


Project: Helsingborg Arena

Role: Architect

Size: SEK 215 million

Location: Helsingborg

Client: Kärnfastigheter i Helsingborg

The new arena is situated near Idrottens Hus and the Olympia football stadium, and is thus part of the array of cultural offerings in the city.

Sweco Architects designed, sited and engineered the multi-purpose arena. The architectural concept comprises two clear components; in part a streamlined cubical arena space with a spectator area, and the freely designed entrance area.

Due to the active pedestrian links to and the location of Idrottens Hus (IH), the arena, including the practice halls, can be used in close collaboration with IH. For major events, both IH’s halls and the new arena, with subsidiary areas, can be used.

The building complex also includes:

A workshop and technical control room, a café with serving, fourteen changing rooms, a room for referees, a doctor’s room, a VIP restaurant (seating 300), staff-changing rooms, a media department with six announcer booths and media rooms, four kiosks, etc.