Frederiksborg Gymnasium new multi-purpose hall, Hillerød

The new multi-purpose hall is based on a unique concept resulting from a study of sports halls. The study was conducted in collaboration with the Danish Building and Property Agency, where particular priority was given to problems relating to overall economy and operations/the environment.


Project: Frederiksborg Gymnasium new multi-purpose hall, Hillerød

Role: Lead consultant, architect and landscape architect

Size: DKK 30 million, 1,700 m²

Location: Hillerød

Client: Frederiksborg Gymnasium og HF

Lead architect: Curt Ølgod

The new multi-purpose hall can hold three lines of sports classes at the same time, but can also be used for multiple purposes during events, assemblies, examinations, etc. It can be partitioned by liftable walls.

The multi-purpose hall is a free-standing building, so changing-room facilities have been built as part of the hall.

It is constructed in a characteristic laminated wood structure. All surfaces are clad with acoustic sheets that are also “ball-proof”.

The building is ventilated naturally and has passive cooling. As regards the choice of materials high priority was given to renewable resources and to low operating costs.

The initial user dialogue was carried out by Sweco Architects.