Vingen Hillerød

The sheltered housing units and surrounding outdoor areas are laid out to exploit the unique scenic qualities of the area. Secluded niches outdoors and indoors invite users to sit and relax and form social gatherings of one’s own choosing.


Project: Vingen

Role: Architect and landscape architect

Size: 1,620 m²

Location: Hillerød

Client: Hillerød Municipality

Lead architect: Morten Toft

For the layout and design of Vingen, a new sheltered housing facility, the proposal focused on taking due account of its residents’ possibilities for privacy and social activities in a setting that also provides good, safe working conditions for staff.

The residential complex and surrounding outdoor green areas are laid out to exploit the unique scenic amenities of the grounds and surrounding area to maximise the benefits of these for all residents and users.

In our design and proportioning of the buildings and in our choice of materials and surfacing, we gave high priority to achieving a modern architectural style that is perceived as inviting, cosy, high-quality and in harmony with the existing buildings and green surroundings. Secluded niches outdoors and indoors are brightly coloured or made of light-coloured wood to signify areas for sitting and relaxing and entrance areas. The new complex uses these qualities and is adapted to and orientated by the existing building wings in close relationship with the existing day-centre activities and social housing facilities, but is individualised at the same time.