New office in Vietnam increases Sweco’s local presence

New office in Vietnam increases Sweco’s local presence

19 January 2017
The guest list included representatives from partner companies and the Swedish and Danish embassies when Sweco Denmark officially opened its new office in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, on Friday 13 January 2017.

“The scope for further development in this part of the world is enormous, where it frequently involves helping inhabitants meet very basic needs. And because this new office brings us closer to the projects, we have an even greater opportunity to help make people’s daily lives much easier,” says Jens Thøgersen, Head of Department for Water International, who at the opening ceremony cited an already impressive number of international projects implemented by Sweco.  

The opening also included a welcoming speech by Ola Hansson, Sweco Denmark’s Division Director of Water & Energy, and a presentation by Thi Cam Tu Nguyen, Sweco Denmark’s Chief Representative in Vietnam. Among other things, she spoke approvingly of Sweco’s efforts in Vietnam over the past 22 years, as Sweco has provided services in the country since 1995. This has resulted in Water International projects such as drainage canals in Ho Chi Minh City, which increase the level of safety for inhabitants when floods hit during the monsoon season, and an efficient sewerage and waste-water system in the Central Highlands that both protects human health and secures lots of bio-fertiliser. 

What will the future bring?
The new office is staffed by employees from both Vietnam and abroad, who are primarily tasked with preparing bids, developing the business and managing communication and marketing. Also, the opening of this new office indicates the high level of ambition for future projects:

“In Vietnam, we will be the first point of contact for the entire range of services provided by Sweco. We will consolidate our network in Vietnam, as well as in the region and support Sweco’s current projects,” Thi Cam Tu Nguyen concludes, thus signifying the beginning of an interesting new phase for Sweco Denmark in Vietnam.

For further details about Water International, please contact: 
Jens Thøgersen, Head of Department, Water International,
Nils Gardek, Marketing Director and Head of the Hanoi Office,
Thi Cam Tu Nguyen, Sweco Denmark’s Senior Representative in Vietnam,