Sweco enters a monastery

Sweco enters a monastery

13 November 2016
Sweco – together with Enemærke & Petersen and Rubow Arkitekter – won the project for the Sankt Joseph Nursing Centre and Cohabitation Scheme for Seniors. The tender was won due to the close collaboration involving contractor, architect and engineer from a very early stage of the tendering process, which was very much responsible for making it possible to comply with the client’s requirements and objectives.

The monastery, now the workplace of the St Joseph Sisters, is being rebuilt into 33 senior housing units, while a structural addition will house 92 new assisted living units. Lejerbo is the client for the project, which comprises the construction of new floorage totalling 7,500 m2 and the refurbishment of the existing 4,600 m2.

The size and complexity of the project brings many of Sweco’s engineering disciplines into play, both classic engineering disciplines such as structural design, electricity and HVAC, but also specialist skills such as designing the use of artificial lighting and daylight, sustainability, fire protection, energy, acoustics and commissioning.

Sweco entered into the tendering work as a proactive mentor for the design-build contractor and the architect and defined guidelines for the building project within all disciplines to ensure that the finished buildings measures up to the client’s objectives.

At Sweco, our goal is to work proactively in all our projects by envisioning a clear creation of value for the client. Developers are imposing increasingly higher requirements on sustainability, energy, flexible frameworks, daylight, commissioning, operating economy, etc., and this prompts a need for architect and engineer to work closely together to ensure that the building project meets the technical requirements, thus enabling compliance with the client’s requirements.

“In order for us to be able to meet the client’s requirements and wishes, we need to be brought into the design of building projects very early on. The traditional approach where the architect works full speed ahead and brings us in very late in the tendering process is no longer viable. Building projects must meet so many technical requirements today that much closer collaboration is needed by including us as a committed partner,” says Torsten Esbjørn, Market Director, Sweco Construction Division.  

A unanimous panel of judges selected our team as the winner of the project. One reason for this is the project’s flexible framework, which was rendered possible by involving Sweco’s engineering disciplines early on, and by closely collaborating with the architect and the design-build contractor. The recommendation of the panel of judges states, among other things: “Financial sustainability is provided for with a flexible design as to how the apartments are divided. This is done using lightweight facades and apartment partitions, as well as flexible installations. Balconies which provide shade on the south-facing facade in the courtyard are good features in terms of the indoor thermal climate.”

In the tendering process, our design engineers prepared a classic proposal for the statics, which, together with sustainability, fire protection, acoustics, installations, contractor and architect, was further developed into a flexible, integrated concept. And this concept creates direct value for the client. 

The project is slowly being started up, and our client, Lejerbo Copenhagen, expects to welcome the first residents to St Joseph in July 2019.

Contact: Torsten Esbjørn, Market Director, T: +45 4348 4646, E: torsten.esbjorn@sweco.dk