President and Executive Team

The Board has delegated to the President & CEO the responsibility for day-to-day business operations of the company and the Group. The President & CEO supervises the business operations within the framework determined by the Board. The Board has also established instructions governing the division of responsibilities between the Board and the President & CEO, which are updated and adopted annually. 


  • Åsa Bergman

    President and CEO

  • Karsten Gruber

    Acting President Sweco Germany and Central Europe

  • Markku Varis

    President Sweco Finland

  • Grete Aspelund

    President Sweco Norway

  • Eugene Grüter

    President Sweco Netherlands

  • Max Joy

    President Sweco UK

  • Erwin Malcorps

    President Sweco Belgium

  • Ann-Louise Lökholm Klasson

    President Sweco Sweden

  • Olof Stålnacke

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dariush Rezai

    President Sweco Denmark

  • Katarina Grönwall

    Chief Communication Officer

  • Helene Hasselskog

    Chief HR Officer

  • Lisa Lagerwall

    Legal Counsel

  • Martin Aronsson

    Chief Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions Officer