Corporate social responsibility

Sustainability and compliance

Sweco’s contribution to society is achieved through our client projects, but also through how we operate and act as a company. Long-term profitability and growth are driven by solutions that promote the sustainable development of society from an ecological, social and economic perspective. As consultants, Sweco’s employees are often deeply involved in client projects, frequently in an early stage where there is great opportunity to exert an influence. This places high demands for individual awareness of business ethics and Sweco’s procedures.

Sweco complies with the laws, regulations and other requirements applicable to operations in countries where the Group is active. In some cases, Sweco’s standards and requirements exceed legal requirements. We support and respect all human rights, as defined by the UN in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sweco follows the Code of Ethics formulated by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and although not a signatory, Sweco works according to the ten principles in the UN’s Global Compact.

Sweco’s Code of Conduct establishes Sweco’s and its employees’ view on the company’s social responsibilities, covering business ethics, employee development, human rights, equality and diversity, and occupational health and safety. Sweco’s Code of Conduct gathers the ethical guidelines designed to enable corporate responsibility on the part of Sweco’s employees and partners. Additionally, Sweco has a Business Partner Programme to enable that existing and prospective partners meet corporate responsibility requirements. Sweco also has group-wide policies on anti-corruption, gifts and business entertainment and sponsorship. Local guidelines specify areas of responsibilities in more detail.

The President and CEO is ultimately responsible for the Code of Conduct and other Sweco policies and their implementation, and every employee working at Sweco is expected to live up to these. Compliance is a matter for the executive management of the Group, and for managers at all levels in the Group down to the individual employee. All managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees have everything they need to comply with Sweco’s policies and guidelines. All employees are obligated to familiarise themselves with the contents of the policies and guidelines, accept and follow them. Each employee is obligated to familiarise themselves and comply with the provisions of the policies and to encourage external partners to comply with applicable policies. An employee who suspects business ethics improprieties is obligated to report this internally, in the first instance to his or her manager, manager’s manager, HR or Group Legal Affairs and, in cases where anonymity is called for, via Sweco’s external whistle-blower function called Sweco Ethics Line. The President & CEO holds the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the policies are monitored, e.g., through internal and external audits, internal statistics and line manager reviews.

Sweco views diversity as essential in creating an innovative and inspiring working environment and actively promotes equal rights and opportunities in the workplace regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. This is set forth in Sweco’s Code of Conduct.

For Sweco’s Sustainability Report, please see pages 102–107 of the annual report of 2019.

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