Attracting, developing and retaining talent are crucial to Sweco's long-term success. Our employees go to work every day and, each in their own way, shape the communities we will live in in the future. As a young employee at Sweco, you will discover that your strengths are utilised in the best way. We have been told that what differentiates Sweco is that our consultants are given full responsibility for their assignments early on. Although we work in different ways and not everyone meets customers on a daily basis, we all make important contributions to the customer experience. Sweco is a company for employees who want to perform and create value for their customers. A typical Sweco employee is approachable and committed to his or her customers and has a recognised expertise.


    At Sweco, professional development is not optional – it’s a requirement. For our employees, the opportunity to work on the most exciting assignment is a decisive factor. The primary training takes place through actual participation in assignments and working with our customers. Training is offered from day one through our training portal and through support from experienced colleagues. The main career paths at Sweco are line manager, specialist and project manager.


    Sweco is a company that shapes the leaders of tomorrow. Identifying talented people and giving them the opportunity to succeed has always been a crucial component of Sweco’s corporate culture. Our managers are responsible for developing and creating opportunities for our employees. 


    We know that the communities and cities of the future will be diverse – encompassing a variety of family structures, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

    In order to do good work, Sweco needs to understand and meet diverse needs and perspectives as we plan and design future communities and cities. Sweco’s organisation needs to reflect the society we live in today, but also understand the foundations of tomorrow’s society. In addition to academic expertise, Sweco’s employees need to understand the people who will be living in the communities we, as experts, are involved in planning and designing. This requires diversity. 

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