When you are easy to work with and have the right expertise, you have excellent prospects for becoming a sought-after consultant. As an experienced consultant at Sweco, regardless of your field of expertise, you will help shape the cities and communities of the future. You will also have one of the most exciting and challenging jobs a person can have, along with continuous opportunities for development. Sweco is a company for employees who want to perform and create value for their customers. A typical Sweco employee is approachable and committed to his or her customers and has a recognised expertise.


    It should be easy doing business with Sweco. At Sweco, everyone is expected to meet customers and make decisions that are right for the business, every day. Professional development at Sweco is not optional – it’s a requirement.


    Sweco is a company that shapes the leaders of tomorrow. Identifying talented people and giving them the opportunity to succeed has always been a crucial component of Sweco's corporate culture.


    We know that the communities and cities of the future will be diverse – encompassing a variety of family structures, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs.

Maintaining a balance in life means being able to effectively divide your time between work, family and personal interests.

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