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Læring og udvikling i Sweco

Learning and development

Engaged learning

We believe that most of the learning is done on the job through challenging work assignments and working with colleagues and clients. Consequently, you have the opportunity to participate actively in professional networks and to use the knowledge and experience of your colleagues in the form of sparring, feedback and mentoring.

As a new employee, you will be welcomed from day one on the job with onboarding courses and then ongoing learning activities, workshops and professional days – whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced leader.

Læring og udvikling i Sweco
Læring og udvikling

Learning and development

Sweco Talk

At Sweco, we have three main career paths that serve as a guideline for your personal and professional development; field specialization, project management and line management.

Sweco Talk is the name of our competence and career development program. The programme ensures that your goals and development as an employee are discussed thoroughly at planned development and follow-up meetings with your manager. At these meetings, you discuss your current role, career aspirations and development opportunities as well as how you can contribute to Sweco’s continued development and vice versa.

Sweco Talk is a supplement to the ongoing coaching and feedback that you receive from your immediate supervisor.


Leap is our in-house career development programme for employees with significant growth potential. As a participant in the program, you will be part of a team consisting of colleagues of various seniorities and with a career in either specialization, project management, line management or business supporting functions. You are selected to the programme by the Country Management at Sweco Denmark, because you have a high level of performance and potential to further develop within your field of expertise, and within your role in the company.

As part of the programme, you are involved in discussions with the National Management and Division Management on strategic issues for Sweco.

The Project Academy

At Sweco, we have developed our very own training course – the Project Academy, which includes project management training.

On our project management training course, you, as a project or planning manager at Sweco, can update your skills with, for example, concrete planning tools, and get good advice and sparring about managing project groups, personal leadership and managing the progress of projects. You take the training in teams consisting only of Sweco employees. It also gives you a good network among your project manager colleagues at Sweco.

The training strengthens your understanding of the project way of working, the basic planning and follow-up tools as well as your role as a project manager in Sweco. You will be able to create an overview, plan, organize and create a budget for your project – regardless of the project organization and type of project you are working with.

In addition to the project manager training, in the project academy you can participate in modules on project financial management, contract and insurance matters and the role of the project manager.